troubles in wordpressville…

Frustrated. I’m frustrated with wordpress and I’m gonna have to vent.

I’ve had some wonderful visitors to this and my other blog, Susanbahr.com (my all things Irish), blogs that I want to leave a comment or even simply say I liked something to let them know I came by – blogs that will not let me.

I spent time today reading other wordpresser’s complaints about the very same issue. When I try to leave a comment, it asks me to log in… I log in and it won’t take my comment. I have to believe there are others who’ve had the same problem with my blogs.

To that end, I want to let the following bloggers know that yes, I have visited, I do like your wonderful posts. Yes, I think what you’re doing is amazing. If you’ve liked one of my posts, I’ve sought you out. If you commented, I’ve tried to do the same. If you don’t see me, please know I was there.

If you’ve tried to comment on one of my posts and could not, I would like to suggest that you click the link on the sidebar that takes you to my susanbahr.com, my facebook page. There, you can comment away and hopefully, I can respond.

If you’re following one of my blogs, please know I check your site often, some every day. Imagine how frustrated I am that I can’t follow you! Imagine, the loss I feel when I get excited and the words are just bursting to come forth … and I can’t post a comment. So for now, if you’re visiting, please note I will seek you out and I would encourage you to check out these other sites… and if you’re able to leave a comment, great. Tell ’em Sue says hi.

lexisnana at: http://thekovies.com  (it kills me that you’ve visited and commented so often and I can do nothing but reply on my own blog!) Here you’ll find lovely posts about grandkids and family memories…

a new visitor highlighting an Irish comic book artist: http://transnationalcomicbooks.com/2012/09/27/ireland-blackstar-by-john-collins/ (and please check out my reply to the comment you left!)

http://hikingphoto.com -Patrick Latter, a Canadian photographer of extraordinary talent. You’ve seen his Gravatar he’s the dashing lad with the tie…

http://runningfromhellwithel.wordpress.com  a great writer, her blog name says it all. She is one cool cat…

http://chrismartinwrites.wordpress.com a recent visitor, a writer with a conscious…

And to all the regular visitors and I have this to say.

Thanks for dropping by. You made my day.



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