Little Earle

Dear Rosa,

He was your great-grandson and you never met him. Earle’s son and how did someone so sweet come from someone so arrogant and mean?

Little Earle. Special needs and gifted beyond belief, just in a different way than most would understand.

I spoke with my brother, Dave, about him. Had to, he was the closest to Little Earle, he knew him best. Dave said he’d type something up, I thought for now I’d share a few things about this precious soul using his words. Hope he doesn’t mind.

Little Earle loved heavy equipment. Knew everything about them. What size engine, how much horsepower they had. He was happy just sitting in the car watching a construction site. Hours and he would never get bored.

He could list every one of the 161 cars his father owned. Only bought one new once, the rest he traded. Little Earle, Dave said, could tell you their make, model even their colors. Every one of them.

I didn’t miss the tremble in Dave’s voice.

Little Earle would call, Dave said and ask when he was coming to take him to lunch. Had to be careful, couldn’t disappoint Little Earle. Had to make sure he could come when he said. Took him to Burger King a few times a month. Little Earle loved the toys, said they had the best. Special lunches were at Friendly’s and he’d have the shrimp. Still had to swing by Burger King for that toy after…

He went to the Waterbury Flea Market with Joe every weekend. Lived with Joe. Joe was good for Little Earle, taught him about mechanics and healthy food. Sold organic honey and maple syrup they brought from Canada. He was a fixture at the market for many years. He loved the watches. Loved to take them apart. He had jars of parts, gears and such and nothing gave him greater joy than a gift of a cheap watch.

Dave paused and I pressed for more.

He wished others would just get along.

Now I heard the emotion, the love Dave had for Little Earle.

He’d get anxious when people got angry or upset. Couldn’t understand and hated it.

Little Earle passed three years ago. I can still feel Dave’s sadness.

I found this at the Harvest Market yesterday and pictured Little Earle and the way he’d nod his head when he agreed with something. Yup, yup he’d say.

Thought of Dave and how, even now, he’ll go to Little Earle’s marker and leave him a few cheap watches. Somehow, I know Little Earle appreciates Dave and the gift.

Somehow, he knows he’s missed.


4 thoughts on “Little Earle

  1. Well, you’ve done it again. Brought tears to this jaded old gal’s eyes. Made me think of the special folks in my life who have passed. Especially Dave who loved McMuffins at McDonalds.

    1. I’m so glad you stopped by T’resa, your comments are always so lovely… Grateful that you also had such a charming soul in your life, too. Loved being around such a gentle man…

  2. My favorite line: “I didn’t miss the tremble in Dave’s voice”. Too often we miss those hints, you listened, and were rewarded with a story to share filled with emotion. Well done!

    1. thanks so much. He was a true treasure – I’m still amazed how someone so kind and loving could come from someone so mean… perhaps that’s the balance of life…

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