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October rains and one lovely award…

October rains have begun, sending autumn colors to the ground. After a too-dry summer, we’re glad for it, glad to know the well is replenished, that I can once again wash with freedom and impunity. Still, the Vermonter in me quivers. A bad omen, this rain, will it be a heavily snowed winter? We’ve lost predictability here. Historical evidence means nothing. Two winters ago we had the heaviest snow on record and a long, dreary, spring followed as we waited for all that snow to melt. Last winter there was nothing. Mild, wonderful and didn’t we all feel entitled?

And as so much of our country’s in drought condition, I rush to say – I wish we could share. Wish I could send these gray clouds scudding your way. I’d gladly give you a bit of our October rain.

Now, onto the next order of business…

I’ve been remiss again, in accepting an award from another, cherished blogger. Lexisnana at has nominated my little letters to rosa for this…


Wow. How wonderful and I’m sorry it’s taken me a whole week to respond. Lexisnana probably thinks I’ve dropped off the face of the earth along with my jaw…

Nah, I’m still here. Still loving all the posts from those blogs I follow. I thought I’d break out and seek some new blogs this week, find me some good stories to follow… it was harder than I thought but no less fun.

So, here’s to three bloggers I barely know. Hope to surprise the heck out of them. Maybe this will lift a spirit or two, bring a smile or even an “oh, brother.” Here’s to you, lexisnana and all those blogs listed on my sidebar – please, check them out. Wonderful people all and really, really good reads!

to Nutshells & Mosquito Wings at: – a beautiful, heartfelt and moving writer. Truly.

to Not in the Mood For Small Talk at – great stories and what a snapper- nothing gets by this lady!

to the Thing About Joan at – loved her story about “Charlie.” Loved how she engages her readers with her comments after.

to accept this award, copy the image, nominate three bloggers and let them know about the nomination (with a link back to your site) and tell your reader 7 things about yourself.

Now, onto a few things about little ol’ Sue…

7) I curse like a sailor when I stub my toe.

6) I stub my toe WAY too often

5) I’m an artist/illustrator

4) I have a dear, sweet friend, Laura, who has written a wonderful book, a modern twist on Pandora’s Box. I wish for her good things as she embarks on the exhausting and yet exhilarating process of editing and submitting her manuscript.

3) I love knock knock jokes

2) My grandmother hated knock knock jokes

1) I’m a Vermonter pure and through

I hope you enjoy these bloggers as much as I enjoyed discovering them. Please, give them a shout – and remember to check out the other bloggers I follow. I cherish them all…


13 thoughts on “October rains and one lovely award…

  1. I just wanted to say thank you for nominating me for an award! It made my day — heck, it made my week! — and I appreciate it, especially from someone who writes as enjoyably as you do! I’ll pass it on as soon as I can…

    Also, it’s been lovely “meeting” you in the comments on my blog. See you around the ‘sphere!


    (Hope this doesn’t post twice — had a little connectivity problem the first time around!)

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