Empty words…

I could write a post.

But it feels like empty words.

I could, with some effort, find something to talk about.

But I won’t.

As of now, I’m unplugging the computer, turning off my facebook newsfeed and turning on some gentle music. Not radio either, my mp3 so I can choose the tunes (okay, I might have to play a few Dishwalla tunes… gotta rock out a bit with my boy, JR Richards).

For today, I’m gonna love on my kids, paint more dragons and pray.

For today, I’m gonna wish the world’s pains away.

Tomorrow? Tomorrow I’ll hit you with some of my best Vermont jokes.

Be prepared. They aren’t pretty.

My love to all of you…




10 thoughts on “Empty words…

  1. I love the beautiful simplicity of this post! It reflects how I feel about today as well. And I’m going to do the same thing, with a very cozy blue fleece blanket curled around my feet. Be well my friend.

    1. thanks for visiting El – stinkin wordpress won’t let me comment on your posts AGAIN! I thought I’d tamed that beast. Sigh. I hope you had a wonderful day yesterday – hope you found some peace and joy. My best to you…

    1. thanks Lynne – it was a good day – I did exactly what I set out to do. Okay, maybe I did listen to more of Dishwalla than those quiet tunes, but I did paint and pray and laugh.

    1. yeah, so wonderful to simplify our lives… although I must admit I think I spent more time THINKING about not booting up the computer than I should’ve. Sorry to hear of your cold – so glad you could find peace in the midst of life’s storms.

      1. If only the dishes would “slow down” and the laundry and the cooking. Sometimes life just feels too busy. Hope you’re feeling better and you’re little one, too.

  2. These things do have a way of making us reflect…and appreciate.
    You paint dragons?
    This lover of all kinds of music (even country!) is gonna check out Dishwalla.

    1. Hi T’resa – so wonderful that day off – made even better when I loaded my wordpress site and found so many wonderful, heartfelt comments. Yes, I paint dragons – for a picture book I’ve been working on for a dear friend. And Dishwalla? Their one big hit was “Counting Blue Cars” but I’d recommend “Angels or Devils” live (from the album “Live from the Flow State”) and “Home”. Ain’t no one that can sing like J.R. (his newest solo release is “A beautiful End” soooooo beautiful and make sure you watch the video on youtube. He wrote it for a friend who lost his daughter in an accident)

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