Blair Family Fiction

A quick goodnight…

Dear Rosa,

I like to imagine you putting your babies to bed. The gentle smile you would’ve had watching them sleep.  With all the calamity that beheld your precious family, I’d like to imagine just one night, perhaps a Monday, when Mary and Frank were still small enough to climb into your lap and all was right in your world.


Because I’m about to take flight…


It’d been a long day of endless chores. A fussing and worrying over every sniffle or cough. Late November often brought sickness and drafty old houses didn’t help.

Being newly pregnant added ten-fold to your cares.

Still, with one baby asleep nearby and the other just settling in, a profound peace slipped through your soul, if only for the briefest of moments.

You’re safe, little one, you whispered to the fussy child in your arms. Frankie fidgeted just a moment longer, then stuck his thumb in his mouth. His soft breath caressed your neck as you felt him slipping off.

A wordless tune you hummed, a simple lullaby. A whisper of lovely notes that soothed the infant in your arms.

World War I was still a dozen years off. World War II was an impossibility. For tonight you gave thanks to your maker for the blessings these children had brought you.

For tonight, Rosa, you felt peace.


I wish for all of you peace and hope and all good things.



6 thoughts on “A quick goodnight…

    1. Thanks, Liz – so nice to see you again! WordPress – sometimes I say it like a swear word – especially when it sends my comments on your site off to the etherworld never to be seen again. Ah well, congrats to you on your beautiful new grandchild!

  1. “A wordless tune you hummed, a simple lullaby. A whisper of lovely notes that soothed the infant in your arms.”
    This brings such a peaceful picture to my mind.
    I love the unique style (or voice?) you’ve chosen to record this history.

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