My second life- one where I DON’T have a bad back…

A bad back has kept me from sitting long enough to compose anything of value – and so I invite you, my wonderful friends, to peruse at your leisure the latest two-part post on Down the Mountain Road. I mention most of you, and if I don’t, please know you are a cherished part of my life.

Here, for your convenience are the links, or you can click the widget on the sidebar:



Let’s hope this pain breaks soon, before I do.

Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas! Wishing you all peace and happiness-


p.s. In need of a warm hug? Then head over to Eunice at http://nutsfortreasure.wordpress.com/ My thanks to her for nominating little letters to rosa for yet another blog of the year star! She never has a shortage of kind words and gives great cyber-hugs! I’ll be sure to pass along this award as soon as I can once again sit comfortably…


33 thoughts on “My second life- one where I DON’T have a bad back…

    1. Yes, sitting is agony! I haven’t need anything as extreme as surgery (sorry to hear you have) – mine is chronic and comes from gymnastics as a young girl. Too much back-bends shaped my spine wrong! Thanks for visiting and hope you have a pain-free holiday.

  1. Back pain is the worst–whether lower or upper. Have you tried those heat patches you can buy over the counter, or other ointments? I get patches at the Dollar Store. The best ointment is Aspercreme–they make 2 kinds, and I like the hotter one. I’ve tried everything.
    Do you do stretches of any kind? Yoga stretches are good. Swimming is great–it’s like yoga in the water if you combine all 4 strokes in your workout, and do them properly.
    I hope you get relief soon. Even though I don’t suffer from back pain, I sympathize with you, dear friend.

    1. Thanks for the tips – I’ve been using ice packs to get the swelling down – and seeing my chiropractor. Not getting results yet, but hopefully I will soon. Just have to get through the next couple of days where I’ll be sitting for 7 hours straight.
      No complaints, though and no worries. Tis the season to be jolly, right?!

      1. Thanks, T’resa – just gotta get through the next two demanding days at work – then off until Jan. 2nd…. Hope you are well and safe and happy and know you are missed and loved!!!!

  2. I’m so sorry to hear about your back. Back pain is tough, and you look young.

    I got help with my back eight years ago from a chiropractor after striking out with doctors, but I know that’s not for everyone. The pool (I saw Teresa’s post above) definitely helps my knee pain. I do pray you find relief, Sue.

    1. Thanks, Lori. Usually a few chiropractic visits helps – not so much this time. She’s a bit stumped, as am I, as to why there’s so much inflamation. Swimming’s a bit out for me right now – but hopefully, I’ll get some relief soon.
      My best wishes to you and your family for a wonderful Holiday!

    1. Sorry to hear of your back problems- know you’ve been tackling the pain like most of us – pushing through it. Thanks so much for the pretty star – it’s time I passed them along, heh?
      Merry Christmas to you – darling, and I’m sending a hug right back at ya!

  3. Hi there, sister in adversity! I hope that you, like me, are finally feeling better and looking forward to the New Year. Osteopathy is really working for me, and there is a form of very gentle Aqua-gymnastics which was designed for pregnant women which really helped when there was nothing else I could do- maybe there’s something like that at your local swimming pool? It also helps prevent further attacks by stengthening the musculature. I used to do it in Germany, but can’t find any courses here in Dublin- maybe you’ll have more luck…

    1. Hello to you, too! Yes, it’s begun to feel better and I’m so glad you’ve found some relief. There really is nothing quite like back pain to shut you down. We don’t have a pool anywhere local and driving only seems to aggravate it… so… I’ve found that strengthening my core muscles keeps my back in place. I was a gymnast as a kid – all those back bends during my formative years created a super curved spine. I’ve been seeing a chiropractor off and on since I was 26. Still have to be careful (as I’m sure you do, too).
      Now, onto the fun part – remember that “simple” lace scarf that you posted directions to a few weeks past? I bought lace mohair blend yarn and have begun! Wooppeee! I’ll keep you posted… never used such skinny yarn before.
      Happy New Year to you!!!

      1. rows 1 and 2 complete, boss. Now onto the first row of pattern. Stand by for brain melt down…

        keester: bottom, rump, derriere, backside, butt, hind-end, arse…
        get the idea yet? Or should I continue?

      2. Are you kidding? I’ve taught them everything they know – all the cool slang comes from moi!
        They are still green behind the ears…
        Speaking of the German – my hubbie is part German, thus the last name Bahr. His grandfather was German, his grandmother was Irish (on his father’s side). His mum was all Irish. Elizabeth McGuinness was first generation American and proud of her heritage. His grandparents, John & Catherine McGuinness were from Sligo, we think.
        coming to visit someday, Pauline. I’m still hoping!
        Happy you know what day.

      3. Do you know that 2013 has been designated “The Gathering” Year in Ireland? We’re all supposed to invite relatives and friends worldwide to visit Ireland, there’ll be all sorts of celebrations of Irish culture and what-have-you. The US will be half emptied, so will Australia, and we’ll probably all suffocate in the press of bodies….

      4. okay, so the question is; do I qualify as a relative (nope) or a friend (hopeful question mark) This all sounds so very cool! I guess it’s time to get serious setting some moolah aside so we can visit your wonderful country!
        Oh yeah, and I finished 4 rows so now I can see the pattern. I’m using a pretty lime green yarn with little flecks of bling… thanks for the pattern and the belief in my limited knitting abilities.
        Happy New Year, Pauline.

      5. Lose the question mark! It would be great if you could make it over here.
        What a great way to start the New Year- discovering a new ability. You’ve managed the hard bit, the rest is plain sailing- I hope you’re delighted with yourself!
        I wish you health and happiness in the New Year, friend

      6. It’s been a great process, getting to know you and the other wonderful fellow-bloggers through the past 6 months (I’m also approaching my half-aversary). Thanks for the words of play, challenge and encouragement.
        I’ll finish this scarf because I’m just this side of onery.
        But I still hate skinny yarn.
        cheers to you, Pauline. Let’s hope things break open with this sluggish economy so I can take my family to Ireland. I just have to see that lace you’ve created in person!

      7. Seriously? Bring yarn to the front of the work between the needles, then back over the top of the right-hand needle in order to knit the next stitch- this forms an extra st which is balanced out by a decrease- treat the yo like an ordinary st on the return row, you will get a little hole (on purpose!)

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