Blair Family Fiction

Henry and Rosa’s first Christmas…


Dear Rosa –

I’m a sucker for the romantic tale – the one where the boy gets the girl- so I hope you don’t mind if I let my imagination take a ride and paint the picture of your first Christmas as husband and wife. Merry Christmas, Rosa. You are missed.


Christmas, 1892

She’d risen early Christmas eve to see to the chores and finish the gift she hoped to give to Henry. The tiny apartment they’d rented above the Drinkwine’s barn did little to afford privacy, so Rosa had made due the best she could, stealing moments throughout the fall to work on that gift. Her new husband – she smiled- Mr. Henry Blair needed a sweater -one to keep him warm as he labored outside.

She stole a glance out the window while her knitting needles clicked away. Still snowing, beautiful and drifting and each branch was lined with white. Her candle flickered from a breeze that crept through the cracks, bringing the smell of winter inside. Fresh, clean air- she inhaled- though cold, but the wood stove chased the chill away.

Snow is always so silent, she thought, it’s a like a dream watching those tiny flakes drift down from a pewter sky…

Her knitting continued, as did the smile as she thought of their next Christmas together. There’d be three then when she birthed this babe sometime in July. Busy hands paused and rubbed a belly just beginning to show.

Mary Julia, if it’s to be a girl and Frankie, if a boy.

Henry didn’t know of this yet. She’d kept the secret for two months.

It could wait for one more day.

The off-white wool was soft, spun by her sister-in-law from the shearing they’d done mid-summer. She’d taken on extra to barter for that yarn- chores and baking and cleaning, but it was worth it. The sweater, knit with cables and worked in a traditional Scottish pattern, would keep Henry through the long winter ahead.

The candle flickered again and Rosa sighed. Her Henry and no one worked harder than that man. He’d be a good provider, a faithful husband. Thank God he didn’t take to the drink like so many of her kin.

She heard the door open, footsteps and the stamping off the snow, as Henry climbed the stairs and hurried to stash the knitting. She’d finish the last sleeve later, between the baking and the dinner they’d share with her family. Christmas morning he would unwrap that singular present stashed beneath their simple tree and there amidst the happiness she would give him another gift.

Rosa would tell him of the child.


Mary Julia Blair, my grandmother, was born June 7, 1893.



19 thoughts on “Henry and Rosa’s first Christmas…

  1. I’ve been waiting patiently for another story. I love how you let your imagination go as you chronicle these family tales, and no doubt you are close to the truth. This was an especially sweet one–young love and a new life beginning. Two things I love.
    (I have stayed off WordPress because I’m having trouble with my Reader. Accessing the posts is extremely slow. I keep waiting for it to work itself out, but it hasn’t. I was so anxious to see what you’ve been up to that I went off WordPress and accessed your site through Google. Can you let me know if you’re having this same problem? I hope you are because that means I just have to wait it out rather than try to figure out how to fix it.)

    1. Thanks for the sweet comment, T’resa – I’m hoping to do some more writing now that the holiday rush is done!
      As to your reader not loading… I had the same problem with wordpress a few weeks ago – sometimes, I couldn’t even get into wordpress at all. I did some research on wordpress (on the bottom of the main page they have troubleshooting) and found that I needed to use Mozilla Firefox to to load my internet – not Internet Explorer AND I changed my password for my account – something that’s been suggested by one viewer who’s account was recently hacked. That being said – I will tell you that your gravatar image (of the sweet little belly button) is not coming up with your comments – so something is definitely amiss with your site. It’s almost impossible to access a human directly at wordpress – I know. I’ve tried. They don’t seem to maintain a help center. There are forums (none of which I could use to of any avail). I would suggest you use Mozilla as your browser (I got the free download from wordpress under troubleshooting my log in problem. It is free AND Mozilla is a safer way to browse – less virus and hacking than with Explorer. I’ve found my internet loads faster and wordpress is no longer so glitchy.
      You had some funky business with your last post, too – I could see your administration information on my smart phone – a definite NO NO! If you do nothing else, change your password frequently!
      I hope this helps, T’resa – cause I understand how frustrating this issue is! Let me know, kay?
      Hope you had a wonderful Christmas!

  2. Thanks for the advice. It took me all day to figure it all out. The all-day headache is fading. I think I’m back up to speed. I think an unscrupulous person got into my account and messed with me. Why would someone want to mess with me? It’s a crazy world out there. Thanks for the tech support :o)

    1. Who understands the twisted mind? I wonder about some of these massive bloggers that swing by and “like” posts they haven’t read (how can you have a “like” and no views?). I’m glad you got it figured out – keep changing that password. I do.
      I’m so glad to see that little belly button again, T’resa.
      Good job!

      1. no so many of mine should have been stopped before going to post lol

        Last night I deleted 65 re-blogs 🙂

        With the new year fast approaching Happy New Year Sue I will be changing a little but before your very eyes lol I have to write stories with maybe one photo wait that is just plain CRAZY lol maybe 3 🙂 but stories may be sad then some funny I can’t change mine too much or they won’t LOVE ME lol


      2. Oh yeah!! Switched out my gravatar from a pic taken this summer. Thought the straw hat was sassy. If you knew how few pictures I allow of this old face…. let’s just say it’s a minor miracle that I post one at all!!!
        vanity is not pretty my friend. Not pretty at all.

      3. And I can’t wait to read them, Eunice. I’m sure they will be heartfelt and real.
        Just like you.
        Hugs on this New Year’s Eve.
        I’m going to bed!

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