Enos Blair short stores

my funky family tree…

A few of you cherished readers have suggested I post a diagram that shows how Louis and others fit into my family tree, so I’ve decided to try something here. Bear with me. I hope this works!


Henry (my dad)


 Mary Blair  (just his mother’s side)

/                   \

Henry Blair                      +                    Rosa Drinkwine

/ \                                                                    / \

               Newell Blair (+ Matilda)                 Elizabeth Blair (+ John)

\                                                            /

(Enos) Louis Blair + Mary Bourdeaux

\ /

Enos & Lucy Blair

And there you have them! This is tracing only my dad’s mothers’ side of the family – the Blair side.  Newell and Elizabeth Blair were brother and sister, making Henry and Rosa first cousins. Enos Louis Blair (he went by the name Louis in later census)  served in the Civil War.

Hope this helps ’cause I’m sure it’ll upset a few of my family members if they find out!


9 thoughts on “my funky family tree…

  1. Wow! So speedy! It doesn’t look as hard as I’d imagined it would be. I’ll copy and print this for future reference. Thanks.

    1. That’s for sure. You won’t believe how hard it was to track Elizabeth Blair down – it wasn’t until I found her death certificate and saw her parents listed as Louis Blair and Mary Bourdeaux that all the pieces of the puzzle clicked in place.
      And so, did you venture out last night? Come on, Lynne, us lazy couch potatoes want to know!!!

      1. I am needing to do more on mine write books of stores and take photos but walk walk walk some more I will need to go from a post or 2 a day to maybe one good one a week 🙂

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