A sister for Rosa…


Dear Rosa,

Well, what an incredible weekend this was. I attended a workshop on tracing French Canadian genealogy, hoping to learn more about the Blairs and where they came from in Canada.   After the workshop, I was approached by a man who was fairly bursting with excitement.

“Did you say John Drinkwine and Elizabeth Blair?” he asked me.

“Sure, those were my great-great-grandparents.  Rosa Drinkwine Blair was their daughter. She was my great-grandmother.”

Oh boy, did he smile.

“Those are my great-great grandparents, too! They had another daughter, Sophia Drinkwine.”

“I’ve seen that name. Rosa had a sister named Sophia.”

Oh yeah, it’s a small damned world. But wait, it gets cooler…

The one story I know about Rosa was she was tiny and smoked 9″ white owl cigars. The one story this man knew about Sophia, his great grandmother, was she worked in a cigar factory.

Yup, now we were both grinning.

He sent me this picture of Sophia (seated) surrounded by her children. It was taken just a few years after my picture of Rosa. See the similarities?


photo credit: Joel Wheeler

And now onto the really, really small world-part. He was saying how he was related to the Drinkwines that lived in Northfield (my hometown) and through them to some gentleman by the name of Ferry. Henry Ferry.

“That’s my dad,” I answered and just how in hell did I find my voice?

Seems as though this man and I are distant cousins. Think of it – seated in a small workshop, just minding our own business and if I hadn’t queried about the Blair’s and Boivin’s we never would’ve met. And now he’s told me he has a picture of Elizabeth Blair – our great-great-great grandmother?

Someone tie me down, I’m about to float away.


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