two sweet little awards for Rosa…

I want to say a heartfelt thank you to http://genealogylady.net for nominating little Rosa for the versatile blogger award – and Kristi at  http://dressedtoquill.wordpress.com for the … versatile blogger award! Please swing by and check out their sites – you’ll be glad you did.

Well, as wordpress has decided that I can’t visit some of you – including genealogy lady (I can’t even leave a comment. Would you all please tell this wonderful lady I said THANK YOU!) – I am forced to accept this award as I see fit. And so, because I feel like it (insert evil villain’s laughter here), I am going to nominate but one blogger.

Laura over at http://lauraryanfedelia.wordpress.com

Today is a special day for that sweet and amazing lady. Today she launches her book “The Box”. I can’t be with her as life has intervened and screwed everything up – but I thought it might be nice to highlight her brand new blog and ask you all to shoot over there and send her a quick “hello” and “best wishes” and such.

As to listing a bunch of things about myself? In keeping with breaking all the rest of the rules, I shall break this one, too and tell you only one thing:

I love chocolate (shhh, it’s a secret). So there you have it- my life summed up in three pathetic words!

I wish for all of you a wonderful day, full of hope and love and all good things.




4 thoughts on “two sweet little awards for Rosa…

  1. Congrats on your awards and I’ll definitely swing by their blogs. WordPress is acting wonky this morning so it’s not just you..
    Chocolate is the food of some awesome god that knows women need it to survive 🙂

    1. Yes, wonky was a good word. I got too frustrated and gave up. Then our tv started acting up so maybe it was a satellite or something.
      Happy Spring to you my dear.

    1. See! This is my problem- wordpress won’t let me load you’re site so I had to rely on my very spotty memory! I’m so sorry – and please know, I’m very grateful. Now I just have to figure out what’s going on with my blog. Can’t load JE Lattimer’s site either.
      Happy Spring to you – and thanks again-

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