Awards and such

A Liebster for Rosa…

Well, it’s been all business for this over-loaded brain this week.  Emails have been whizzing back and forth between Lou and I, confirming dates, looking for connections, checking on names and now I have in my hands a full genealogy for my sweet little Rosa. This is me, blowing out a breath. I thought I’d […]

Two more stars to put on my tree…

Three stars! Yippee! It’s been a challenging week – what with a bad back and extra work. I’m so glad it’s all done and now I can focus on the fun stuff. Eunice, the best cyber-hugger in the WHOLE WORLD has nominated me little letters to rosa for two more stars! Give yourself a holiday […]

Blog of the Year Award??? Come Again?

Well, look at that, would you? Imagine my delight when I awoke, loaded my “readers” section and found Eunice over at had listed my little blog (among many, many other wonderful recipients) for this award. Rosa would’ve been so proud, if a bit clueless as to what all the hullabaloo is about. So, bear with me as I […]

October rains and one lovely award…

October rains have begun, sending autumn colors to the ground. After a too-dry summer, we’re glad for it, glad to know the well is replenished, that I can once again wash with freedom and impunity. Still, the Vermonter in me quivers. A bad omen, this rain, will it be a heavily snowed winter? We’ve lost predictability […]

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