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In the span of a heartbeat…

Dear Rosa, How close I came to never being born, how stunning that in the span of a heartbeat, one life ended and sent another onto a different journey. Genealogy can be very dry, very boring stuff. I’ve watched my children’s eyes glass over when I make a new discovery. It’s only when I put […]

Henry and Rosa…

Dear Rosa, You were a summer bride and just nineteen years old. I can only imagine how taken Henry was with your beauty. And those eyes, those stunning clear blue eyes… I’d like to picture that day as a happy one, albeit quiet and informal. Please allow me to indulge, as no photos exist of […]

a snippet from Sue’s newest endeavor..

Well, with an injured wrist, I’ve been taking it easy on the typing, and so, as I really do need to post something new, I thought I’d share a snippet from a novel I’m currently writing. It’s called “The Guardian” and is based loosely on my great-great- grandfather, Newell Blair and is set in Burlington, […]

Newell Blair

Dear Rosa, He was your husband’s father, Newell Blair, but also your uncle! I know first cousins often married one hundred years ago, still it’s a bit daunting to think that your family tree simply does not fork. For some reason, I’m enamored with Newell. Maybe it’s the name – I find it so exotic. […]

Henry and Rosa’s first Christmas…

Dear Rosa – I’m a sucker for the romantic tale – the one where the boy gets the girl- so I hope you don’t mind if I let my imagination take a ride and paint the picture of your first Christmas as husband and wife. Merry Christmas, Rosa. You are missed. ******************** Christmas, 1892 She’d […]


Dear Rosa, They say tragedy often binds and I wonder if that was true for you. In my search this summer, I discovered your devastating loss: little Freddie, dead at age 4. He left behind two older siblings. Two that seemed to share a closeness throughout the rest of their lives. So little did your daughter […]

A quick goodnight…

Dear Rosa, I like to imagine you putting your babies to bed. The gentle smile you would’ve had watching them sleep.  With all the calamity that beheld your precious family, I’d like to imagine just one night, perhaps a Monday, when Mary and Frank were still small enough to climb into your lap and all was […]

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