Weren’t he funny…

Dear Rosa, Being a staunch, pragmatic Vermonter, I can only imagine how hard you had to work, the daily chores you had to tend to, the garden that needed to thrive for survival come winter. With all these stresses and cares, I hope you had a chance to find joy. Good jokes, silly stories, you know, the […]

a wandering pony for Sue…

(this post was inspired by a dear cyber-friend who noticed my fixation on wandering ponies. ) Dear Rosa, I wonder if you would’ve understood my magnificent obsession, my love affair with the horse? For you they were survival. For me they were high fantasy. I always wanted a pony. As a girl, I passed through the […]

Tommy and Shotgun…

Dear Rosa, The crows were loud this morning. Seems it’s the only sound this time of year. Most Vermonters have a hate/hate affair with this pesky, coal-black bird. Ask anyone and they’ll describe them as loud, grating, garbage-spreading nuisances. But my brother, Tommy, he would’ve described them a bit differently. Seems he had one once as […]


Dear Rosa, See now, this I know we got from you – as direct descendants from poverty, my generation learned how to make do, how to craft simple games from scavenged items and find joy with no money involved. Tag was for the weak, the uninspired. And football? Baseball? Kickball? How boring, unless, of course, you […]


Dear Rosa, With two sons you must’ve known the mischief they would make. The daring deeds they would seek to accomplish. The stitches they would need. With four brothers there was never an end to the shenanigans in sight for my poor parents. And Jim, the youngest, the cutest, always seemed to get away with the most. […]

Kitchen tunks and parlor tunes…

Dear Rosa, This I know you must’ve loved: the music of rural Vermont. Kitchen tunks and parlor tunes. Move the furniture aside and let the dancing begin. Bring a dish to share, a pint of the good brew and viist with the neigbors… Summers are short in Vermont and busy. Planting, harvesting, putting up the jams […]


Dear Rosa, I wonder if you liked snakes as much as I did as a kid. Loved them, actually. Well, not the garter snakes that grew too big and bit you if you got too close… no, the tiny chocolate-brown snakes with the red-orange bellys. I knew all the good spots to find them, they liked […]

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