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letters revisited…

To all: My life has been disrupted by recent family tragedy – two deaths on the same day, and so the words just aren’t there. I wish I could share some wonderful story or funny little tidbit – but I’ve neither the time nor the energy… for now. Please know I read your posts on […]

In the span of a heartbeat…

Dear Rosa, How close I came to never being born, how stunning that in the span of a heartbeat, one life ended and sent another onto a different journey. Genealogy can be very dry, very boring stuff. I’ve watched my children’s eyes glass over when I make a new discovery. It’s only when I put […]

Elizabeth Blair, my great-great grandmother…

Dear Rosa, I’ve learned quite a few things this past week. All good. Some startling, most just down right amazing. My heartfelt thanks goes out to Lou, my 3rd cousin re-discovered, a man as generous with his time as his knowledge of French Canadian genealogy. So, here I am, sitting and typing and trying to […]

a mysterious conundrum…

Dear Rosa, What a twisted journey your family took from Canada. Every time I root around, I uncover another layer and another mystery. Enos Louis Blair. Was he the same man who appears later as simply Louis? or Lewis? He was married to Adaline Bordeau. Is she the same person as Mary A. Bordo? Names, […]

A brutal surprise…

Enos tossed the rug over his horse. The mare had done enough and the sweaty animal needed a break. He leaned, just for a moment against the blanket and soaked up some of its heat. It’d been another long, grueling day of training, both for her as a new mount, and for him, as a […]

a fidgety beast…

Dear Rosa, I’ll pick up where I left off last… ***************************** Enos leaned against the stall door and did what he did best. He waited and watched the fidgety beast with the foul temperament pace the small enclosure. The animal snorted as if to warn him to back away. He would of course, do nothing […]

Mary, the romantic…

Dear Rosa, There are few things you wouldn’t have known about your daughter, Mary. So little that would’ve surprised you. For me, though, she was a complete┬ámystery. How do you combine such disparate┬átraits in one human being? Mary was fiercely loyal to her children and ambivalent┬áto her grandkids. She was a practical woman with a […]

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