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Louis and Mary

Dear Rosa, It’s funny, this strange little world I live in. Searching for people so long gone no one remembers what they looked like. Walking through cemeteries, seeking family I’ve never met. Finding you, Rosa, and your sweet husband, Henry, was a wonderful moment for me last week. Today brought another special moment. Today, I […]

I found you, my Rosa…

My Dearest Rosa, Well, it was a sweet search and one that culminated in a wonderful moment for Sue. I knew where you were buried, in a little cemetery in Duxbury, Vermont, right alongside your husband, Henry and son, Freddie. It took a while to find you and it was such a charm when I […]

Grammy’s house

When I began this blog, so many months ago, I never expected the fresh grief or the healing it would bring. Each memory brought both joy and melancholy as I revisited my childhood days. Of hooligans and shenanigans and Uncles that would sit in their rocking chairs and the sweet sound of my grandmother’s whistle […]

A Liebster for Rosa…

Well, it’s been all business for this over-loaded brain this week.  Emails have been whizzing back and forth between Lou and I, confirming dates, looking for connections, checking on names and now I have in my hands a full genealogy for my sweet little Rosa. This is me, blowing out a breath. I thought I’d […]

Two degrees off-center…

Dear Rosa, If one were to liken a soul to a gyroscope, then mine was knocked off-center by two degrees some thirty years ago.  The day my grandmother died. Mary Ferry, “Mrs. Ferry” she was called by all the neighbors. You knew her as daughter. For me she was simply “Grammy.” I’ve written of her, scattered thereabouts, stories of her […]

Empty words…

I could write a post. But it feels like empty words. I could, with some effort, find something to talk about. But I won’t. As of now, I’m unplugging the computer, turning off my facebook newsfeed and turning on some gentle music. Not radio either, my mp3 so I can choose the tunes (okay, I might […]

Little Earle

Dear Rosa, He was your great-grandson and you never met him. Earle’s son and how did someone so sweet come from someone so arrogant and mean? Little Earle. Special needs and gifted beyond belief, just in a different way than most would understand. I spoke with my brother, Dave, about him. Had to, he was […]

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